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Toothpaste Lid

Ceramic Lid from Cherry Toothpaste Pot

Accession # AH85042
Creator John Gosnell & Co. Ltd.
Period 19th Century
Date c.1848-1898
Provenance England
Material/s Glazed Pottery
Dimensions 7.8cm (w) x 2.1cm (d)
Collection Macquarie University History Museum
Source AHM, Macquarie University
Classification Container
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From the mid 19th century tooth-paste, sold in jars, started replacing the earlier powdered version as the main form of dental hygiene. Early versions of the cream or paste included ingredients such as anything from charcoal to soap and chalk. AH85042 is the ceramic lid of a toothpaste jar, the base would have been a shallow container, slightly deeper than the lid itself. This particular example was manufactured by John Gosnell & Co. Ltd, an English cosmetics company that made a name for itself with whimsical products and marketing. In the Victorian era, under royal patronage, the company expanded and began shipping popular product lines throughout the Empire. Although they were predominantly known as perfumers and makers of fine soap, the cherry toothpaste was one such popular product.

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