Collection: Macquarie University History Museum

Bicycle Lamp

Battery powered bicycle lamp

Accession # AHM000870a
Creator Eveready
Period 20th Century
Date 1938-1945
Provenance England
Material/s Metal and glass
Dimensions 103.9mm (l) x 68.4mm (w) x 86.3mm (d)
Collection Macquarie University History Museum
Source AHM, Macquarie University
Classification Light
Pair of Bicycle lamps
A 1940's bicycle lamp painted black. It was manufactured by Eveready in England and was imported into Australia,the company logo is still faintly visible on the knob on the top of the light. There is corrosion on the left and right of the rear side of the lamp and the handle is discoloured by corrosion. The dial to turn on the lamp is silver in colour and on the base there is a hole,below it is 'Made in England' and above 'Patent no 21735'. The light is operated by pushing the knob down to turn the light on,and then twisting it to lock the knob in an 'on' position. On the back is a bracket which would have held the light in place on the bicycle when in use.

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