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Bendigo Pottery Demijohn

Bendigo Pottery Demijohn for Elliott Bros. Ltd Pharmaceuticals

Accession # AHM007210
Creator Bendigo Pottery
Period late 19th Century
Date c.1873-1885
Provenance Bendigo and Sydney
Material/s Pottery
Dimensions 38.36cm (l) x 21.65 (w)
Collection Macquarie University History Museum
Source AHM, Macquarie University
Classification Container
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AHM007210 is a large brown-glazed bottle with one handle and a stopper (lid), known as a demijohn. Based on the markings we know that it was produced by Bendigo Pottery, one of Australia's oldest pottery production firms, and was used commercially by Elliott Bros Ltd, Sydney, for transportation of large amounts of their pharmaceutical product. Elliott Brothers Ltd produced mainly medical chemicals and compounds for hospitals, physicians and apothecaries, as well as a more mainstream product of perfume and men's cologne. Bendigo Pottery is very significant to the history of Australian made ceramics, this demijohn gives us insight into the type of wares used in the second half of the 19th Century. The bottle was made using local clay deposits and a wood fired kiln, it has a short narrow neck, rounded shoulders, a cylindrical body and a flat base.
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