Collection: Macquarie University History Museum

Oil Jug

Accession # MU169
Culture Judean
Period Iron Age II B-C
Date 8th-6th Century BCE
Provenance Beersheba, Israel
Material/s Ceramic
Dimensions 25.77cm (w) x 29.22cm (d) x 34.09cm (h)
Collection Macquarie University History Museum
Source Macquarie University, MAC
Classification Vessel
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This large, spouted jug which was probably used to hold olive oil as it was used with a ‘dipper juglet’ such as MU158. The jug is globular in shape, with four handles connected to the rim arising from the neck of the vessel. The bottom third of the vessel consists of a wheel-made bowl, the middle half was then coil made, and the shoulder and above are also wheel-made. There is a “thumb” impression on the body, possibly a mark left by the artisan when constructing the vessel. One of the handles possesses a hollow holder for the dipper juglet that was placed within. This structure allowed the dipper juglet to measure an exact quantity of oil and then be placed back in the holder so that any drips would be funneled back into the main jar - this ensured not even a drop of oil would be lost during the process of measuring and dispensing quantities of oil.

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