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Fragment of a Stone Coffin

Fragment of a Stone Coffin

Accession # MU3233
Culture Egyptian
Period Pharaonic, New Kingdom
Date 18th - 21st Dynasty (c.1550-1069BC)
Provenance Unknown
Material/s Limestone
Dimensions 240mm (l) x 460mm (w) x 30mm (d)
Collection Macquarie University History Museum
Source Purchased from Tim Goodman Auctioneers, Double Bay, 1993
Classification Inscribed object
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Fragment of the mid section of the lid of a stone coffin. The slightly curved,dark grey limestone fragment is inscribed with the kneeling figure of the sky goddess Nut. The head and torso of the goddess are orientated to the left,whilst the arms and wings are outstretched across the fragment. The goddess Nut was closely related to Ancient Egyptian funerary beliefs and rituals. Nut was seen as the protector of the deceased who would ensure the safe passage of the individual through the duat,and to ensure their rebirth in the afterlife.

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