Collection: Macquarie University History Museum

Painted Wall Fragment

Accession # MU394
Culture Roman
Period Mid-High Empire
Date 1st Century CE
Provenance Pompeii
Material/s Pigment, Plaster
Collection Macquarie University History Museum
Source Macquarie University, MAC
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MU394 is a small fragment of a Pompeiian fresco. The fragment is angular in shape and has a small rounded break on its left edge. The edges of the fragment are broken and exposed which reveal the underlying layers of stucco and plaster. The exterior facing surface of the fragment has been painted and can be divided into three horizontal sections. The upper section of the fragment has been painted light blue whilst the lower section has been painted a soft pastel pink. The mid-section of the fragment depicts a small section of an architectural feature. A horizontal band of yellow has been overlaid with a pattern of dark brown, white and red painted lines and dashes. This decorative feature could possibly be a frame or an architrave, both of which were common motifs in Roman wall painting.

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