Collection: Macquarie University History Museum

Bronze Steelyard

Accession # MU4503
Culture Roman
Period Late Roman
Date c. 4th - 5th Century CE
Provenance Unknown
Material/s Bronze
Dimensions 20.6cm (l)
Collection Macquarie University History Museum
Source Macquarie University, MAC
Photograph; Effy Alexakis Photowrite
MU4503 is a bronze steelyard (an apparatus used to calculate the weight of objects). MU4503 consists of several parts; including a balance arm inscribed with Roman numerals, a hook for suspension, two chains with hooks attached to suspend the object that was to be weighed and a solid domed counterweight or counterpoise. The steelyard is intact however some oxidization can be observed on the object’s surface. A number of steelyards similar to that of MU4503 have been found in Pompeii, these were likely used for the commercial weighing of food-stuffs, textiles and other materials.

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