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Late-Roman Lamp-mould

Late-Roman Lamp-mould

Accession # MU4521
Culture Roman
Period Late-Roman
Date 4th-5th Century
Provenance North Africa
Material/s Gypsum
Dimensions 194mm (l) x 145mm (w) x 42mm (d)
Collection Macquarie University History Museum
Source Purchased from Gorny & Mosch Auctionm, New York, Dec.2009
Classification Inscribed Lamp Mould
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Complete upper half of a gypsum lamp mould. The central discuss has been stamped with a reverse Christogram,the Chi-Rho,a monogram for Christ and one of the oldest forms of a Christogram and Christian symbols. The circular shoulder surrounding the discuss has been stamped with a series of three concentric circles interspersed with floral and leaf motifs. On the outer edges of the mould,four indents,which appear to be finger marks,can be observed.
The use of a mould such as this,resulted in the production of large volumes of lamps of a standardised quality,as a result this method of production became increasingly popular.

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