Object Based Learning


Bringing Macquarie University's collections into the classroom: this web site is both a catalogue and exhibit of featured items combined with education resources for teachers and students alike.


This initiative has been proudly supported by many staff and students of Macquarie University over many years.

It has also received direct funding and support from several sources including:

2015 - Innovation and Scholarship Program “3D History: Egyptian funerary customs at the Macquarie Museum of Ancient Cultures and Australian Social History at the Australian History Museum” Dr Yann Tristant, Ms Jane Thogersen, Dr Steve Cassidy, Mr Michael Rampe & Ms Ellen Ryan

2018 - Strategic Priority Project “Curriculum mapping of collections and source-based learning pilot” Ms. Jane Thogersen, Dr Andrew Simpson, Dr Gina Hammond, Mr Leonard Janiszewski, Dr Eve Guerry

2023 - Direct financial support “Learning Innovation Award prize money” Ronika Power, Michael Rampe, Beverley Miles, Mary Hartley, Jacinta Carruthers, Crystal Miller, and Hannah Vogel

The ongoing administration and management is undertaken by the Learning Design and Production Team, Faculty of Arts

We use a direct integration of the Pedestal 3D® platform for delivery of 3D content.

Please contact us through artslandt [at] mq.edu.au